Border Collies

Voogt Farms uses trained Border Collies to herd and move our cattle.  Our senior dog, Ruby, has the natural instincts to move cattle based on our hand signals.  Her daughter Merri, sired by a Champion from a Western Illinois ranch, is even more intense than her mother, always there to do chores, and waits on standby should cows require a little incentive to move along.

Recently, Merri was bred to Astra Taz, a superb Border Collie imported to Michigan from Scotland by Mark and Amy Hansen, at River Run Border Collies. One pup, Carl Me Taz, was retained. The remainder went to families all over Michigan and Canada. They will make great livestock dogs as well as great family pets.

Michele plans to breed Merri again in summer, 2013, so check in late summer/early fall on availability.